LA Gangster Novel Collections


OG in a millennial lingo means Original Gangster.
If you are an OG, you have got an old classic style that’s too cool to be overlooked. And, where did that come from?
Well, gangster movies have had a huge influence on people. The original gangster life and style have been massively followed, talked about, and imitated among people of every generation. And, that’s where the slang has come from.
Since the early days when cinemas were considered a big deal, if there is any genre that people have obsessively loved for the classic characters, strong storyline, and convincing acting was the best gangster movies.
Talk to your granddad, and even he is going to have a list of his best true crime books, best mafia movies, and the beloved character from all of them from his time.
If you are into some sensational and classic gang lord stories, you must follow a list of the best gangster movies to experience the infamous backstories of the urban folks.
Here, we have the top 10 best gangster movies of all time that are worth your two hours!


We have grown up watching Hollywood mob movies, right? Some of them are based on the best true crime books.Let’s name a few that left an impact on everyone’s minds.

1. The Godfather

“I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

We just had to name mention this iconic dialogue. Godfather never gets old!
If you say anything against Godfather in a gathering, probably you will be kicked out because this trilogy is like a Bible to people, so precious and so honored!
The adaptation of the best true crime book of Mario Puzo, The Godfather novel was the bestseller for the first 67 weeks with over 21 million copies sold.
The story, the acting, and the quotes from this movie are still remembered and used. The world agrees that the greatest of all time, Marlon Brando, has given his best in this movie.
Released in 1972, the story revolves around gangster families and their inside politics. With exceptional performance and the utmost emotional moments in the history of mobster movies, it has certainly won the hearts of millions.
You just can’t pick flaws in the Godfather trilogy.
The story was not completely portrayed in the first film which made the producers come up with two more. It is one of the movies people have watched over and over again with insights into gangster life.

2. Bonnie and Clyde

“I am Miss Bonnie Parker and this here is Mr. Clyde Barrow. We rob banks.”

Bonnie and Clyde are the perfect literal examples of “partners in crime”.
The real-life famous American gangster couple traveled all around the United States with their scandalous gang“The Barrow Gang” that had highly-maintained notoriety in robbing banks.

The movie was based on adventures of their lives filled with humor, heartbreaks, cruelty, and brilliance.
Being a couple and be fairly good at robbing is how the audience imagined their couple-goals to be back in the 1970s because Bonnie and Clyde made such an impactful impression on them.
With delightful and impressionable moments, the audience suffered heartbreak when they both died during a gunshot event.
It sets a landmark and makes it quite obvious that this movie is one of the best gangster movies of all time.

3. Once Upon a Time in America

“Age can wither me, Noodles. We’re both getting old. All that we have left now are our memories.”

You just don’t question a movie starring Robert De Niro. And, when a movie shows the best of De Niro, you cannot miss it!
De Niro who plays Noodles in the film grows up to be a heavy gangster, involved in crimes and played the role of a mafia member brilliantly. The movie revolves around friendship and loyalty and tells the story of 5 decades of four gangsters.
Although the duration of the movie was majorly chopped down, it has maintained the undeniable image of a great story with an amazing performance.

4. The Departed

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”
The story of this movie is inspired by the Hong Kong film, Infernal Affairs.

The Departed won four Academy Awards for Best Film Editing, Best Picture, Best Director, and Adapted Screenplay. The awards hold a huge value and speak volumes for the overall movie.
How do you expect Leonardo Di Caprio and Matt Damon to act together and not create magic? This film shows the inner conflicts of the gang members trying to figure out their issues.
The stellar performance has made The Departed outrank Infernal Affairs! And this makes the best gangster movie of all time.

5. Goodfellas

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”

Goodfellas encompasses the best two hours of gangster entertainment for you!
The crime magic has exciting dialogues that keep the audience enthralled till the very last minute. It is considered to be Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece. The intensity of the film is highly defined by the perfect moments of the gangland.
The unstoppable storytelling and the addition of pop music excite the audience. The story mainly highlights the mob code of never betraying your friends when in trouble and explains the gangsters’ mentality in the most intense manner.
It is a compelling and output of the black comedy genre.

6. Scarface

“The eyes, Chico. They never lie.”
The brutal and interesting performance of Al Pacino in the movie has every viewer mesmerized. Brian de Palma’s movie emphasizes the anti-communist political point of view.
The subtle portrayal of the powerful morals of mobs and the extraordinary performance of every character makes you feel like you are living the reality of mob life.
The film scored substantial number and rating controversies on the box office for the first few weeks. What makes this movie one of the best mafia moviesis Pacino’s unflinching and amazing performance throughout the film.

7. The Irishman

“You don’t know how fast time goes by until you get there.”

The Irishman is an adaptation of one of the best true crime books, I Heard You Paint Houses.
Robert De Niro can pull off any character and gives a boost to every movie character he plays. He has done complete justice to his character in this one as well.
The movie builds a strong relationship between itself and the audience with a storyline that aligns with the powerful narrative. Revolving around the gangster notion, the story shuffles like a pack of cards and shows the depth of every gang figure displayed supremely well.

8. American Gangster

“Listen to me. The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.”

American Gangster is about the success story of a heroin dealer, Frank Lucas. The perfection in Lucas’ character (portrayed by Denzel Washington) is utterly smooth yet merciless for an enemy to bear.

With a soft-spoken attitude, Washington has delivered an impeccable performance of a gangster who is here to rule them all. The intelligent conversation among the characters builds the unbeatable gangster standard of the movie.

The mob movies have taken the world by the storm. People of all ages love the best gangster movies from all across the world, such as Irish, British, American, and so on. Among the pool of best mafia movies, we have chosen the finest eight for you. Go on and start binge-watching.